Advantages for registered KST users:

  • Comprehensive collection of example systems
  • Explanations of international Standards and Directives
  • Document download
  • Guide
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  • Personal contacts and bookmarks
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Kromschröder System Technology KST

Aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass industries etc. – they all need controlled temperatures for production. We are an experienced, efficient partner to the industry and develop and build bespoke system solutions for our customers. 

We share our specialist knowledge with you on this KST website. As a registered user of KST, you read can up on the interrelations of gas and burner systems and you can also obtain explanations of the relevant national or international standard. Useful tips on products, systems, Standards and Directives, as well as on gas engineering in general, can be found in the KST, in addition to a tool kit full of useful apps to make your everyday professional life easier. Extensive collections of examples regarding gas inlet sections, burner systems and process control systems are clearly illustrated and if required, explained in detail. You have a number of ways to organize and archive your new knowledge. And if you have any questions, your own personal contact partner will be happy to be of service to you.